I can finally pay a visit to my little sister.



sharon raydor + rusty beck

Well, Easter holidays :P no school for two weeks! other people here only have a long weekend, too

Passover vacation is 2.5 weeks for students. ha! :p

My wish for season 3…


… I want a scene in which Andy leans in, takes Sharon’s glasses off and kisses her.


Haha, I meant your blog name :P and sorry for not messaging, but now I have holidays, so more time!

'welcome to the colorful side'? lol

why holidays? here it’s passover so i only work 2 days this week (today is my 2nd workday so in a few hrs i’m gonna start my looooong weekend - going back to work on tuesday :D)

Haha, oh no, horrible! Are you gonna change your name now? But srsly, u look good ;)

Dana is an international name, it can be anything :p

thanks, sis! it’s nice hearing from u every 10 years or so haha